About Us

Greedytortoise.com was created out of our deep passion for the tortoise kingdom!

We love animals, and we love to share fun facts and stories about our four-legged shelly friends, etc. We also try to teach people how to take good care of their tortoise, to create the best environment for them in the family.

I am Thomas, the owner of Greedy Tortoise. I have been obsessed with tortoises since I was 12 years old and got my first one. I’m now over 40!

I love all things tortoises, so it is only natural that I would spend a lot of time educating myself about them and helping people learn more about their care. This website is a culmination of everything that I have learned from other owners and veterinarians over the past few decades.

Tortoise owners and potential tortoise buyers, this website has been created for you! 

I have assembled a team of experienced friends from within the industry. Some are vets while others are pet breeders or experts in other aspects of tortoises. 

There is something here to help everyone: whether it be tortoise ailments advice on how to take care of your animal, helpful tips about some lesser-known facts about these animals, or even an overview of what they look like with pictures!

John the tortoise one of my new baby tortoises

John is started to show himself eating on YouTube with some ASMR-style videos. You can even catch him on TikToc if that is your thing.